Through interactive workshops and exhibitions, this inaugural event will focus on building and sustaining financial literacy in Pittsburgh high school students.


The lack of financial literacy is a systemic issue that is prevalent throughout our region and nation. Although Pittsburgh Public Schools has named “financial literacy” as one of the attributes in its Graduate Profile, traditional education generally falls short in building students’ capacity to be financially independent. Makes Cents will provide an exciting and engaging opportunity for students to be exposed to the basic tenants of financial literacy as they prepare for work, college, and life. By educating students about their financial futures, we empower them to be productive and contributing citizens to our region, nation, and the world.

43% of Americans are considered financially illiterate.

Focus Areas

  • Get Money: income generation, entrepreneurship
  • Save Money: budgeting, banking, savings
  • Grow Money: financial aid, investing, management, assets, liabilities, stocks, bonds
  • Spend Money: credit cards, credit score, loans


The lack of financial literacy is a systemic issue that is prevalent throughout our region and nation. Mission Commission, Inc. is a non-profit (501c3) that was created to help improve the financial acumen of our region through access, awareness, and aligned incentives. Focus areas include financial planning, health and health insurance, credit and banking, investing, and college financial aid.

Mission C was launched with the idea that to thrive, everyone that we serve; both student and tenant should be afforded the opportunity to learn the valuable skill needed to achieve financial independence. It is that belief that drives us to provide a comprehensive financial education program to low/mid income renters in a time when those individuals may be at their most vulnerable. We want to understand the many barriers that our families face and work with them to resolve any current issues and build a strong foundation through learning to help them avoid those same pitfalls in the future.